Recent Work

  • She has performed for the official visit of Mr Modi, prime minister of India, held by Prince charles
  • She has has the honour of performing at the Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s reception of india uk year of culture 2016.
  • World travel market for cultural tourism by incredible india
  •  Ministry of navy and Army – Devi, a collaboration of bharatanatyam and kuchipudi dance forms with kuchipudi dancer Arunima Kumar
  • Ramayana and animated rangoli manchesterDiwali marks the homecoming of Rama to his birthplace of Ayodhya, accompanied by Sita and Hanuman, after 14 years of exile. In this performance, the characters tower above the crowd on stilts creating auspicious ground patterned rangolis performed by the waving movements of dancers. The characters remove their stilts and ascend to the stage to enact their return to a welcome of dancers.
  • Phantom Queen Belfast Music by Jyotsna Srikanth
  • Another spectacular performance is called the phantom queen.. (video attached). – This also involves stilt performers and a dancer on the suspended hoop. This production is set to live music along with recorded music… the live music is by Smt Jyotsana Srikanth.
  • Inaugural india’s independence @gymkhanaThe first production for a forum of 15,000 women in the UK.
  • Fling festival
  • ArangetramsIntensive training for bharatanatyam dancers which helps them to take up dance as their career.
  • London Mela for akademi
  • Southbank competitionsWorking with young adults to prepare them for future in performing arts. We have also won 1st prize in the past.
  • South West UK tours with performance, teaching and workshops with Kala Chethena Dance Company, Southampton
  • BRITINDIA AAAHA PROJECTSThere are three projects that have been developed or being developed by AAAHA for Britindia.
  • The Phantom Queen

The Phantom Queen was developed with circus and folk musicians from Rajasthan. The performance was the opening performance for Belfast Mela’s 10th anniversary in 2016 in a version featuring British performers only. We wish to tour the piece in the summer of 2018 in the UK and also in India with British and Rajasthani artists.

  • Laxmi Narayan Triparthi – High Priestess of the Kinnars

Laxmi has been invited to present her kinnar dancers and activism in London at X-Drifts Festival and London Pride. This marks UK/India Year of Culture and the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England. This will be for end of June and beginning of July.

Laxmi has also been invited to appear at Sweden Culture Festival and Stockholm Pride in early August. Sweden has an Indian theme this year.

At both countries, Laxmi will be presenting her third book to be published by the Oxford University Press. The book is a photographic album of Ram Katha, organised by Laxmi in December 2016. It is entitled ‘High Priestess of the Kinnars’.

  • Delta
  • AAAHA has been developing a new theatre piece called Delta with the Apang Manav Mandal differently abled boys in Ahmedabad.

The piece is initially part of a Carnival called Transform Projects. Delta is the section where the river meets the sea and is a music and dance piece depicting different aquatic animals. This is an outdoor piece.